The following news items are via Google News, using the search term "IPv6".

11 Apr 2017 Finally a reason not to bother with IPv6: Uh, security concerns...? - The Register
24 Apr 2017 AFRINIC to Hold IPv6 Training Courses for Network Engineers in Johannesburg - Creamer Media's Engineering News
22 Apr 2017 MIT to unload 8 million IPv4 addresses to fund IPv6 conversion - TechSpot
05 Apr 2017 Tony Scott to Speak at 2017 North American IPv6 Summit - PR Newswire (press release)
29 Mar 2017 I need an ISP that offers IPv6. Virgin Media: Whatevs, nerd - The Register
07 Apr 2017 IPv6 security: a new playing field in Nigeria - ITWeb
10 Apr 2017 Researches Demonstrate How IPv6 Attacks Can Bypass Network Intrusion Detection Systems - CircleID
07 Apr 2017 IPv6 attacks bypass network intrusion detection systems - iT News
21 Apr 2017 Free IPv6 training to be held in Joburg - IT-Online
22 Apr 2017 MIT selling 8 million coveted IPv4 addresses; Amazon a buyer - Network World