The following news items are via Google News, using the search term "IPv6".

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08 Jun 2016 As Netflix attempts to limit VPN use, IPv6 users lose out - TechRepublic
03 Jun 2016 Cisco warns IPv6 ping-of-death vuln is everyone's problem - The Register
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08 Jun 2016 Juniper: Yes, IPv6 ping-of-death hits Junos OS, too - The Register
07 Jun 2016 Google's IPv6 Stats Hit 12% on Fourth Anniversary of World IPv6 Launch - CircleID
04 Jun 2016 Cisco Issues Hight Alert on IPv6 Vulnerability, Says It Affects Both Cisco and Other Products - CircleID
02 Jun 2016 IPv6 Will Change the Face of Email Filtering, Says Report - CircleID
09 Jun 2016 Your iPad is IPv6 future ready: Ever wanted to facetime your kettle? - Workonline Communications Press Office - ITWeb