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About the Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force (APIPv6TF)

The APIPv6TF was established in 2003 to encourage IPv6 deployment in the Asia Pacific region and to server as a platform for knowledge exchange.  Several economies have shared the responsibilities of managing the Secretariat during the past seven years.  Since 2010, APNIC has served as the Secretariat, and Tony Hill as the Chair.

The structure of the APIPv6TF was originally composed of the Chair, an Advisory Board, a Steering Committee, Working Groups, and the Secretariat.  During the bootstrap period of the APIPv6TF's establishment these roles contributed separately, but current functioning roles are the Chair and the Secretariat.  All contribution are voluntary. (Details of the past structure are kept under the "Archive" section of the website.)

With IPv4 exhaustion in the Asia Pacific region, we are experiencing a rapidly changing operational environment.  It is therefore important that members in different economies cooperate to manage these challenges.  The APIPv6TF will support these cooperative efforts to encourage IPv6 deployment in our diverse region.

APIPv6TF assists in IPv6 production-level deployment and promotion in economies in the Asia Pacific region. Our specific objectives include (original text written in "Objectives" of the APIPv6TF),

  1. working as a liaison for other Asia Pacific organizations through the provision of recommendation documents regarding IPv6 deployment.
  2. proposing, discussing, implementing and sharing regional and local IPv6 strategies for public, private and promotional organizations.
  3. facilitating the means to promote IPv6 and its related technology through the organization and provision of an open mailing list, Task Force web site, and Task Force managed promotional events.
  4. developing [General Deployment and Transition Guidelines] - a set of smooth IPv6 deployment scenario for Home, Enterprise, Public Sector, ISP and Mobile-operator segments.
  5. investigating and publicizing IPv6 deployment status through diffusion metric identified measurement.
  6. promoting high-level awareness activities through events targeting CEO/COO/Government/Regulatory Body officials.

APIPv6TF maintains a minimum structure to allow all of us to take a flexible approach and focus on actual tasks that support IPv6 implementation in the AP region.  At any stage, the APIPv6TF's objectives may need to adapt.  If members of the APIPv6TF want an additional organizational structure, this needs to be discussed through an open, transparent and bottom-up discussion process.

Tony Hill, Chair of APIPv6TF